Saturday, February 24, 2007

How to change keyboard layout at runtime

I had a problem, in which i had to change the keyboard from english to arabic and from arabic to english at runtime.

At first i was doing it with SendKeys.Send("+%") which is Alt + Shift. But this was not effiecient at all.
So for .Net, it can be done easily with

InputLanguage.CurrentInputLanguage = InputLanguage.FromCulture(New System.Globalization.CultureInfo(&H409))

where &H409 is the Hex for English and &H401 is for arabic.

Loop through InputLanguages in your system.

For Each s As InputLanguage In InputLanguage.InstalledInputLanguages

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Monday, February 19, 2007

The purpose of *.vshost.exe: Now we know

I have been wondering what the purpose of *.vshost.exe was when I ran apps from Visual Studio 2005.

Now I know. It's actually quite cool. Check it out:

VSHOST -- the Hosting Process

What is "vshost"?

This is the "hosting process". It is created whenever you build a project in the Visual Studio 2005 IDE. Its purpose is to provide support for improved F5 performance, partial trust debugging, and design time expression evaluation.

Should I deploy the "vshost" files with my application?

No. The "*.vshost.exe" and "*.vshost.exe.config" files are only for use in the Visual Studio 2005 IDE. They should never be run directly, and they shouldn't be deployed with your application.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Edit and continue won't work with vs2005?

Autodesk - Discussion Groups - Edit and continue won't work with vs2005?

For my problem, this didnt help, even after reading the entire page. So how i solved my problem.
Long time ago i had changed something in the settings of the Project Properties -> Debug -> Enable unmanaged code debugging. I have checked this. So now after reading this, i just out of curiousoty unchecked this, and VIOLA!!!! i could work with Edit and Continue in debug mode.

You see, a very big problem (at least for me) and a very small solution.

Try IT!

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