Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Wake-On-LAN sample from VB.NET

Wake-On-LAN standard is based on a Magic Packet and is used to wake up PCs from remote. This VB.NET sample shows how to power up PCs using Wake-On-LAN, also called WOL or wake-up-on-LAN

' ********************************************************************
' Wake-On-LAN sample - power on a remote PC, based on its MAC address
'Requires freeware ASocket.dll to run the sample.
'Download it from
'and register it (REGSVR32 asocket.dll) on your machine.
'Online manual:
' ********************************************************************
Sub Main()
Dim objWol As ASOCKETLib.WOLClass = New ASOCKETLib.WOL()
Dim objConstants As Constants = New Constants()
Dim strMAC As String = "00-10-4B-BA-7A-51"
Console.WriteLine("WakeUp " & strMAC & " ...")
Console.WriteLine("Result: " & objWol.GetErrorDescription(objWol.LastError))
End Sub

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